Web Marketing Tips - Drive Massive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

You will need lots targeted traffic of potential customers. You would want to have real people to view your carefully crafted website. People who are looking for a solution to a problem and likely to make a purchase. And most people use the search engines to find what they are looking for.

There are many website promotion programs that claim to bring you ten of thousands of hits for free. Such programs exchange traffic among members to increase page hits. Yes, these are just hits - not real people looking for a product or service. In most cases, your website is displayed on unattended computer monitors.

You do not need a huge web portal, in fact, you simply need to focus on building the landing page to your domain, usually the would be the index.htm and a few more pages to support that landing page. Then you implement effective website promotion techniques to attract targeted visitors.

1. Quality Content
People come to your website for information - good information and something that interest them. If you think you'll need help, go to Rentacoder.com or Elance.com and hire ghost writers.

2. Research Keywords
Target keywords - targeted traffic - website promotion

3. Use simple HTML, aviod excessive graphics and scripts
Clean and tidy layout will be more effective in getting your message read by your visitor. People do not wait for your website to load up. Fast loading web page is crucial when you want to sell something on the Internet.

4. Optimize for Search Engine
Make sure you following the guidelines provided by Google and Yahoo. Avoid using any tricks. Remember to work with search engines - not against them.

5. Build Backlink Partners
Beside relying on the search engines submission, you may want to request related website to link to you. You can locate your potential partner websites by searching your targeted keywords and related ones. Once you've found them, put their links in your links page then write them a personal email to ask for link from their website.