Guide to Niche Marketing
Submitting to Niche Article Sites : Is it Worth It?
by Lee Munson
The key to success for your site on the internet is linkbuilding. Increasing the number of incoming links to your site will aid promotion through the Search Engine rankings and, hopefully, draw some traffic of it's own.

After directory submission, writing articles is probably the next best free solution. Some may even say it is a better proposition. Now, with all the article submission sites around why would you need to consider a niche article site?

The answer is very similar to the advantages of finding niche directories. Visitors to niche article sites are looking for the specific content found there and are more likely to follow the link in your article than if they found it a general article site.

Take a look at, for example. There's some interesting content there that is growing daily which attracts search engine visitors. A great many of these people are likely to look at the visitor submitted articles when they have finished with the site's main content.

If you have a history or travel related site it should be fairly easy to write an article related to the topic of this site. Enter your url at the end and you have a good chance of attracting some quality traffic.

Of course you don't have to stop there, a niche article will still fit in well at a general site too, such as, my personal favoutite.

In conclusion, I would say submit your articles to the big, general sites to gain link popularity and some small traffic. For better quality traffic, try niche article sites that match your site's theme.

About the Author

Lee Munson runs a web resource site providing the tools you need to promote your site and build links.