Guide to Niche Marketing
How to Find Your First Affiliate Niche in 5 Easy Steps
by Ryan Blake
How to find your first affiliate niche in 5 easy steps.

Don't you wish finding your first niche was easier?
Well it is... Here's my tried and tested method used to find
top notch quality niches.

Step 1:
Think from the HEART not the mind.

Most people who buy anything buy don't buy it because they need it
they buy it because DESIRE to have it.
Don't look to fill needs but rather things that have an emotional
connection with the target market.

Step 2:
Keywords Keywords KEYWORDS.

Finding what people want is not a difficult process all you need
to do is see people search for... They will only search for something
want even if they're just bored.
If had to invest in anything a good keyword research tool would be it,
not only will it save you many hours of hard work but also help you
get the best most accurate results as possible. The two research tools
that I use are Wordtracker ( ) and Niche Database
(, so go check them out. Then use these tools to
find low competition/ High demand keywords and phrases.

Step 3:
Let the creative juices flow.

You don't really need to be a genius to find good keywords...
here's a good tip, use a thesaurus which groups words by meaning
not alphabetically and use that to find new words that might just
be used.
Another very good way to do so is this... but don't tell anyone I
told you ;)
Go to the web and look up your target market and their favourite
activities, search for their keywords in google. Once you've found
the top ten, right click on them and go to "view source".
Now look in the sites HTML text and I'm sure you'll find lots of
good Keywords ( They are normally seperated by commas in a list )

Step 4:
Show me the money....

If you want to promote something you must make sure you're getting
into a paying market.
One way to do so is by looking them up in google and then checking
how many addwords there are... people pay for prime add space and
they pay unless it's paying off advertising there in the first
One application that will really help with that process is Adword
Analyzer and will save you a lot of time.
But manual research should never be neglected to check up on your

Step 5:
Analyse the information you've compiled

Store as much of that information as possible. Isolate the
low-competition, good-demand in a separate spreadsheet, since these
are your potential list of "pasionate markets" where the people are
willing to spend their money.
Look up these good keywords in Google again. Get a feel for what other
sites are doing. If any of them have forums, or if some of them are
blogs, read the postings to see what people are asking or complaining about.
Finally, brainstorm products or services (particularly upsells) that
can solve those problems or satisfy those questions. You may even
find these products discussed in forums or sold on competing sites. If
so, you're in the perfect position to create an offer that's more
compelling than your competition.

Now I hope this will greatly help you as you go on you way to
Affiliate success.

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Best of luck with the future.
Ryan Blake.

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