Guide to Niche Marketing
Finding a Niche For Your Website Business
by Geraldine Jensen
Finding a Niche For Your Website Business

Do you have hobby or something you feel passionate about? If yes, finding your niche could be easy. Your passion and interest will help you build and sustain a website business. Specialization helps. For example, if you are interested in race cars specialize in blue race cars or one race car driver.

If you do not have a hobby or passionate interest check your local newspaper classified ads and the swap-trade free newspapers to see what items, hobbies, topics are most popular. Listen to what your friends and relatives are talking about.
Are there any popular TV shows that are a "how to" format or informative that you like? What to do you search the Internet to find? Was it there?

Still need an idea? Create a diary, list everything you enjoy doing or talking
about in a week or two. Include sports, what you read, topics of articles, etc. The most overlooked things can lead to a great niche idea.

Check EBay's Best Sellers-- Hot Items List for information about what people are buying on the web

Test Demand And Supply

Make a list of keywords for topics you think are possibilities. Enter these
words at The Overture Keyword Tool will give you a list of related
terms people searched for last month and the counts for each
item. This will show you if there is a demand.

Then go to Google and enter any keywords returned from the Overture Keyword tool with a high count. How amny listings are found. This will tell you if the supply is available or not. Best results are those with a high demand count and a low supply count.

Also go to Overture's Bid Tool to check out the cost of advertising. Even a good product can not be the one if it is too expensive to advertise. Usually this means there is already tough competition for that prodocut or topic.

Be sure to try variations of the product, e.g. blue Formual One race cars

The Right Niche is the First Step

Targeted marketing will be needed to get you site the attention it deserves.
They are not buyers and will only waste your time,
resources, and bandwidth.

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